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Frequently Asked Questions



Below you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


What materials can you perforate?

We can perforate just about any type of metal.​  These include, but are not limited to carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, pre-painted metal and copper. We can also perforate certain types of plastic and PVC.

How quickly can I get a price?

Simple sheet and coil requirements can usually be quoted in a matter of a few hours.  RFQ's that are more complex in nature or require special material can take a little longer.  Your customer service representative can provide you with an approximate time frame for your quote lead-time in these situations.

Does Syrtech offer toll processing?


Yes.  If you would like to supply your own raw material, we will charge you only for the cost to process the order, set up the equipment and perforated the metal.

Can Syrtech provide perforated metal as sheets and coils?

Yes.  The finished product can be shipped to you in either sheet or coil form.  ​We typically begin the perforating process using coil stock from our inventory.  During the perforating process we can convert the coil to sheet form or keep it as coil.

What are your lead-times?

Syrtech strives to match lead-times to the needs of our customers.  Typical lead-times for perforated metal average 2-3 weeks after receipt of the order.  ​If you have a situation that needs a shorter lead-time than the typical average, please share that with your customer service representative.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.  Please note that special material requirements or orders that have extensive secondary processing steps may increase the lead-time.

What is the widest material width that you can perforate?

We can perforate material up to 60" wide.  Not all of the patterns are available up to that width.  Please check with one of our customer service representatives to check and see how wide we can perforate the particular pattern you are looking for.  We can also advise alternative patterns that can meet you width requirement.

What hole sizes can you perforate?

Currently we have tooling for round holes ranging from .033" diameter to .75" diameter.  We can also custom design and build a tool to meet your exact requirements.

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