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Perforated Metal

Perforated metal manufactured to your specifications
perforated metal notching and forming
Additional Services


Notching, forming and painting are just a few of the secondary processes we can provide.   We also offer custom packaging, toll-processing, stocking programs and prototyping just to name a few.

Custom Patterns

Syr-Tech has in house design, engineering and tool building capabilities. If one of our stock perforated patterns does not meet your needs please contact us. We can build custom tooling and then perforate metal to your exact requirements.

Standard Patterns


Chances are one of our stock tools will meet your perforated metal pattern requirement. We have hundreds of patterns to choose from and new patterns are added on a regular basis.

At Syr-Tech Perforating, we help design, produce, and fabricate perforated metal to meet precise specifications for the most demanding customers. From basic sheets and coils to complex sunscreens, ceiling panels, sound baffles and air diffusers. Perforated metal offers a solution that is both decorative and functional. We can produce literally hundreds of patterns including round holes, slots, diamonds, and hexagons, in variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and even plastic. As one of the most respected perforators in North America, we perforate more than 40 million pounds of metal each year.  Our agricultural components help create food for everyone. Our filtration screens make environments friendlier. Our architectural components bring magic to the spaces we all inhabit.


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