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All price quotations are based on today’s cost of material. Due to instability in the metals market, final price of the product will be based on the price in effect for raw material on the date a purchase order is received.



All prices are quoted without applicable sales tax. Syr-Tech is required to charge sales tax for orders shipped within the state of Illinois unless buyer has a valid state re-sale permit or exemption certificate on file at Syr-Tech’s office prior to shipment. The rate applicable to the delivery point will be charged.



All orders are shipped F.O.B. Syr-Tech (Collect) unless otherwise specified.



All orders shall be reviewed individually for open account status. Customers with past due amounts will be advised that the order must be held pending payment of the past due amount. Syr-Tech will determine if the buyer will be given the option to ship the current order C.O.D. for the past due amount and/or the current amount depending on the customer’s status. In the event the buyer has not purchased for Syr-Tech in for than one year, the buyer will be treated as a new account for the purposes of determining credit.



Orders from new accounts will ship C.O.D. unless the buyer requests to open an account. In this event, a credit application will be sent to the buyer and must be promptly filled out and returned to Syr-Tech. Syr-Tech credit will evaluate the buyer’s credit worthiness and notify buyer within three business days of the result.



Our terms at ½% 10 net 30 unless otherwise stated on the invoice.



The buyer is subject to collection and/or legal action if any sum is not paid on or before the due date as set forth in the PAYMENT TERMS section. In the event of any delinquency of any account, buyer agrees to pay all collections costs, attorney fees and court costs incurred in the collection of the account.



Buyer should contact Syr-Tech prior to any return of material. In the event of sub-standard quality, Syr-Tech may choose to send in an inspector and will advise buyer as to the disposition of the material. In the event of a return due to buyer’s oversight the following terms shall apply: If the material was custom manufactured no credit can be given and no return of the material will be accepted.



In the event that material was shipped freight prepaid and is received with visible freight damage, mark the bill of lading as such and notify Syr-Tech immediately. If the order shipped F.O.B. Syr-Tech, all claims must be made by customer. DO NOT reject the material or have it returned to Syr-Tech.



Where an exact quantity is required, buyer should specify to Syr-Tech that the quantity tolerances shall be +/-0. Otherwise standard mill quantity variances will apply.



Syr-Tech shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to delay in manufacture beyond our control.



In no event shall Syr-Tech be liable for consequential damages that result for any reason. Liability will only be to the extent of the selling price.



Most jobs are quoted labor and material. When a buyer chooses to supply material, Syr-Tech will not be responsible for any spoilage caused by any reasons that are beyond our control. Unless otherwise specified the entire quantity received will be processed. Syr-Tech is not to be held accountable for poor manufacturing that can be attributed to poor material supplied by the buyer. All material is to be sent F.O.B. destination (Prepaid). Syr-Tech will not be held responsible for freight damaged material.



Any scrap material remains the property of Syr-Tech. In the event of customer supplied material, buyer must specify if he would like all scrapped material shipped with the product prior to the order being placed. In no event can Syr-Tech provide the slugs that result from the perforating process.



The perforating and roll forming processes require the use of lubricants. Quoted prices DO NOT include degreasing. An additional charge will apply if degreasing is specified. Syr-Tech will not accept responsibility for any rust, oxidation, or stain that may result after degreasing



All tools manufactured to produce product remain the property of Syr-Tech.



Orders cannot be canceled after production has begun or raw material has been ordered.












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